Welcome to my website, where you will find a collection of silver and beadwork jewellery that I have made, along with other craft pieces I have created.
Ammonite frame for bannersUntitled-1 Judd auction necklace framed for banner
For those of you who would like to participate in a Silver Clay workshop, more information can be found if you click here
If you are looking for bead embroidered jewellery or fine silver jewellery that is handmade and one of a kind, feel free to browse my Etsy shop
wusterlund2 framed city lights framed beadwork necklace Nov17 framed
 With my silverwork, you can be rest assured that your item is genuine silver as each piece that I make over 7.7grams, is sent to the Assay office in London and laser hallmarked.
Opal pendants framed for banners


If you would like to discuss anything further prior to ordering, please feel free to contact me.